Getting Organised for Beach Keeping

Inform and invite other groups right from the start!

Your project can help rescue one of our most precious and special resources - our beaches. To be a real success, it needs to involve many different segments of your community. Experience in other areas has shown that if you let others know about your plans to improve the beaches, and invite them to participate, you'll have a greater chance of truly making a difference.

Beach problems, especially littering and pollution, often come from sources far away from the beach itself so they can't be solved without involving people from a wider area. You can either start with a strong council leadership seeking local volunteers or you might begin with a grass roots local group that seeks government and public support. Local groups are essential to taking care of the beaches as they live close to the beach and can see changes on a daily basis. They can conduct surveys and observe unpredictable events that may help identify and correct problems.

The best approach is a team effort where everyone can benefit from the shared experience and resources of a wide range of interested people and organisations.