New Zealand's Sea Shore

Key ideas about coastal areas

Resources to use

Microsoft CD The Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean

Microsoft CD Oceans

Starters and Strategies Magazine. No. 20 Feb. 1996. p. 32-33.

A guide to New Zealand Seashore Dave Gunson Penguin. 1993.

Between the Tides, Mike Bradstock, Reed Methuen, 158pp. 1985

Margins of the Sea, Exploring New Zealand's Coastlines. Professor John Morton. 1985.

Nature Watching on the Beach John Walsby, Wilson and Horton, 144pp.

New Zealand Sea Shores by Professor John Morton is a classic reference book on the sea life of New Zealand's coastal areas, with information on the condition of the sea shore around the coastline dating back over twenty years.

Seashore Life of New Zealand by Erick Heath and R.K. Dell. Reed Publishers

Seashore Secrets. by Sally Carson 1995

Aerial photographs and maps of a study area.

Field identification guides for shells, sea birds, algae, and other shore creatures.